Adult vacation domincan dating

Lisa’s close childhood friend Myrna Smith, who was with Jerry and Joe Esposito when they took Lisa to that long-ago concert, confirmed this. We took you to see the Jacksons.’ ” When Brett told Lisa about his conversation with Michael, she was offended that she would have to send a demo.

“Lisa didn’t even remember meeting Michael as a child,” Myrna said. She told Brett, “Forget it, I’ll play the tape for him in person.” Lisa called Brett constantly afterward, inquiring about the meeting with Michael.

Brett had worked up some figures and talked to Michael, who arranged for Brett to take Lisa to meet with Michael Greenberg, the head of Jackson’s company, Nation Records in Santa Monica. It became a matter of deals and money, money, money: I lost my fire for it. I was scared, I guess, so I pulled back.” She had no confidence in herself as a vocalist,” Said Brett Livingstone Stone.

Lisa brought Danny along with her attorney, John Coale. “She was afraid of being compared to Elvis, afraid of rejection. Let me see what I can do for you.” As she sat with him and listened to stories about his life in the business, she found herself falling under his spell.

“I was just trying to be a good friend for him,” said Brett.

I thought up the idea and executed it, and I stayed on top of it.

“Michael…was blown away by her music,” according to Brett. There was no romantic hint of anything at the time. ZAHN: Five years into Lisa’s marriage to Danny Keogh, the relationship was buckling. I didn’t really want to know him any better than I already did.” At this time, Lisa had recorded four songs produced by her husband.

“She played the tape and was really excited that Michael Jackson was here, and at that point, she looked like a fan of his. It was during this time that a fledgling friendship with Michael Jackson began to evolve. She felt she had a lot to say about her unusual life as daughter of an icon, and she was looking for a way to say it through her lyrics and music.

Prince was among the guests, along with a sprinkling of celebrity Scientologists such as Kirstie Alley, Nicole Kidman, and Juliette Lewis.

Lisa invited Michael Jackson as her special guest, “and he would have loved to have gone,” said Brett, “but he had other things.” Brett suggested to Michael that he should at least send Lisa a birthday gift, “so he told me, ‘Well you go get it!

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