Briganti amore e liberta 1993 online dating

Still her bandit suitor refuses to give up that easily, and invests the help of his gang as they kidnap Costanza while she's traveling with her husband.She puts up a fight at first but eventually gives into her childhood crush.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Briganti - Amore e libertà è un film del 1993, presentato al concorso cinematografico di Venezia, diretto dal regista Marco Modugno, figlio del celebre cantante e attore, il film non fu mai distribuito.An aging countess's party is crashed by the soccer team from her gigolo's town.While dressing for a dinner party, the wealthy Guilia discovers her ...Thirteen years later Giovanni and Costanza are discovered making out in the courtyard in the middle of the night, enraged the Baron sends Costanza to a convent and Giovanni to his death.Giovanni is able to escape his fate and spends the next many years fending for himself, eventually joining a group of bandits or rebels.

I also happens to be another film I was only able to locate in Italian without subtitles.

Carolina Rambaldi isn't fulfilled by her three children: Marcello, a lazy do-nothing, Lucrezia, a bossy type who produces a TV show, and Cesare, homosexual and malicious, who's a ... Tre giovani rapinano un ristorante affollato e cercano di vendere la refurtiva ; uno degli avventori del ristorante ha un attacco cardiaco ed è ...

See full summary » Francesca, an incredibly beautiful woman, lost her husband. See full summary » Professional pickpocket Franck Spadone and his co-horts rob a beautiful stripper (played by Monica Bellucci).

Monica Bellucci plays the grow up Costanza entering the convent as a rather bland looking teenager and coming out a goddess! ) Costanza returns home to find her uncle recently deceased, and quickly becomes the desire of many of the men in the town (no surprise there).

Giovanni returns to take her away but she turns him down informing him of her desire to become a nun, instead she ends up marrying a weaselly looking, wealthy, old guy whom she's obviously not happy with, (probably due to blackmail or some sense of personal obligation).

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