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When I bought my dream home two years ago, I wasn’t imagining myself standing in my basement, holding an umbrella, watching my husband chase streams of water with a flashlight. It was the first spring thaw and he was trying to figure out where the leaks were coming from.

Clad in his work boots and a rain jacket he would alternate between stepping outside our basement door, where the rain came down in big sheets of cold wetness, and ducking into our basement to inspect various parts of our foundation.

Consider insulating all of your exposed pipes for starters—especially if they run through an unheated garage or unfinished basement.

Uninsulated pipes are susceptible to temperature changes and start to sweat.

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Finally, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know where the main shut off valve for your home is located.Things like changing the furnace filters and patching the driveway.The second kind of upkeep includes those once-a-decade expenses that tend to result in migraines.The plumbing When Steve Bedernjak bought his detached fixer-upper bungalow in one of Toronto’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods four years ago, he didn’t bother getting it inspected. He already knew the place needed a lot of work, and he had a plan.He’d renovate one of the bathrooms and update the very outdated kitchen.

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