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She showed winds circling, directed by the goddess Laama'oma'o. It links them with the universe and makes them one with all creation." ~ The Soul of Hawaii by Tracey Lakainapali "This is a very simplistic overview to show that not all Hawaiians agree on how the hula started." ~ Serge Kahilli King- The Hula experience "E nana, e ho`olohe. Both the kumu, (teacher), and haumana (students) are highly respected and often make a lifelong commitment to the Hula." - Amy Ku`uleialoha Stillman ~ Hula Halau Pomaika'ikeolahouoka'lani Because hula was a religious dance, the training of ancient hula dancers at the halau hula (hula school) was very strict.

She described trees, flowers, waterfalls, and stars. Haumana (students) followed elaborate rules of conduct (kapu) and had to obey their teacher (Kumu).

the spirit of Aloha and to preserve Hawaiian land, culture, values, art, history, genealogy and mythology. No one knows its exact origins but Hawaiians agree that the first hula was performed by a god or goddess which makes the dance a sacred ritual.

She honored Kuula, the god of the sea, by swaying side to side to the rhythm of the ocean waves. For example, dancers could not cut their hair or nails, certain foods were forbidden, and no sex was allowed.

A memorizer (hoopaa) assisted the Kumu with the chanting and the drumming.

"Hula is the language of the heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." ~ David (Kawika) La'amea Kalakaua, King of Hawaii 1874-1891 Hula is a sacred exquisite spiritual dance form accompanied by a (mele) chant or song.

The ritual hula dance illustrates, dramatizes and complement the lyrics or comments on the mele.

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