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Born at Nisibis, then under Roman rule, early in the fourth century; died June, 373.The name of his father is unknown, but he was a pagan and a priest of the goddess Abnil or Abizal. Ephraem was instructed in the Christian mysteries by St.The works of this saint are so numerous and important that it is impossible to treat them here in detail.Let it suffice to consider briefly: (1) the text and the principal versions and editions of his writings; (2) his exegetical writings; (3) his poetical writings.It is certain, however, that while he lived he was very influential among the Syrian Christians of Edessa, and that his memory was revered by all, Orthodox, Monophysites, and Nestorians. Jerome mentions him as follows in his catalogue of illustrious Christians: "Ephraem, deacon of the Church of Edessa, wrote many works [] in Syriac, and became so famous that his writings are publicly read in some churches after the Sacred Scriptures.They call him the "sun of the Syrians," the "column of the Church", the "harp of the Holy Spirit". G., XLVI, 819) is a sermon (though not acknowledged by some) which is a real panegyric of St. I have read in Greek a volume of his on the Holy Spirit; though it was only a translation, I recognized therein the sublime genius of the man" ( 115).

From the Syrian and Byzantine Churches the fame of Ephraem spread among all Christians. In their menologies and synaxaria Greeks and Russians, Jacobites, Chaldeans, Copts, and Armenians honour the holy deacon of Edessa.Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more — all for only .99...(EPHREM, EPHRAIM).EPHRAIM PIONEER CEMETERY In 1854, Ephraim's first settlers erected a one and one half acre fort for housing and protection against Indian attacks, a cemetery was not included in their plans. Manwaring, permission had been granted to use Allred Settlement's (Spring City's) cemetery.The funeral party was en route to that site when a warning came of a threatened Indian attack, instructions were given to dig a grave, bury the body, and return to Fort Ephraim. Manwaring's grave site is unknown as are other burials recorded in journals but not on grave markers.

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