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She didn’t feel comfortable, she said, with awards that celebrated celebrity.

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Anne Laidlaw (née Chamney) was a powerful, agitating force in the Laidlaw household.Major writers of the subsequent generation, including Mona Simpson, Jonathan Franzen, and Michael Cunningham, have cited her as an important influence upon their work. All but one of these books are short story collections, and the bulk of these stories are set in Huron County, a small region of southwestern Ontario, in towns that resemble, with almost sociological precision, the town of Wingham, where Munro herself was born in 1931.Munro has claimed, at various points in her career, that her fictional towns—Walley, Carstairs, Logan, Hanratty, Dalgleish, Jubilee—are not ciphers for Wingham, but these denials have grown fainter and less frequent in the past twenty years.She brought with her an inflexible Presbyterianism and the unspoken belief that Anne’s scandalously assertive personality had brought on her disease.Hearing of Anne’s latest, failed attempt to rekindle her old dynamism, Sadie might deliver a withering assessment, like the grandmother’s in “Winter Wind” who hears of the invalid mother’s attempt to paint the kitchen: “There,” said my grandmother with annoyance and satisfaction, “she will get herself involved in something like that, which she ought to know will wear her out, and she will not be able to do any of the things that have to be done.

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