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" "I don’t think I’d do [online dating]," the actress told at the third annual Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards on Tuesday, July 11 in LA."I need to suss it out a lot before I go on a date." Potentially meeting men online isn't the only thing the 44-year-old mom has to take into consideration when dating.For every person that's accepted onto (or into) the elite community, another is turned away."At the end of the day we are looking to create a close network of like-minded, inspiring singles who are kicking ass in their profession," Krayenhoff previously told Business Insider.In a candid new interview with , the mom-of-three opened up about her personal life and revealed how modern technology has completely changed the dating game.

Since the birth of the smart phone, dating apps have completely changed the way we meet and interact with potential suitors.

"A large part of it is when you spend five or six months a year away from your spouse, it gets really tough.

In the beginning, they really missed each other," the source confessed.

But The Inner Circle is still significantly smaller than Tinder and some of its other rivals, which boast tens of millions of users.

Overall, there are currently 280,000 people using the app, according to The Inner Circle.

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