Single mother of two dating website

'I felt it would be wrong to join a website where most people are looking for long-term love.

So the affairs site seemed the perfect solution.‘I didn’t feel guilty about dating a married man.

She said he was always trawling online affairs websites but the bottom line was he would always go back to her.’It was then Marie googled Ashley’s name to find him listed as a bankrupt.‘I was devastated,’ she says, ‘it seemed everything he’d told me was a lie.

He even tried to accuse me of harassing him when it was him pursuing me for a relationship.‘It seemed as if Ashley were a fantasist and I was just a pawn in some sort of bizarre game with his wife. I’d let myself be duped by this person.’Marie sank into a depression.

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‘She repeated lots of stuff I’d confided in Ashley which felt such a betrayal.

‘I can imagine some might say I joined an affairs website so must have known what I was letting myself in for.‘But in hindsight I was very vulnerable because I’d just come out of a very long relationship.

I am the sort of person who takes people at face value.

But I was far too trusting.’Shockingly she claims many affairs sites appear to be linked.

‘When you join one, you don’t realise your details will be circulated to others.

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