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The booster requires wired high-speed Internet access.

Even if you don't know the direction to the nearest Verizon cell tower, three simple actions can improve your Verizon signal when you're on a phone call.

711 - Relay Service for the hearing impaired *18 - registers you to the system *19 - shuts off your roaming abilities *68 plus your ten digit phone number - this code forwards your calls to any other phone number.

Example: *685555551212 *84 (*vg) - Voice Gear *86 (*vm) - voice mail *226 (*BAM) - Customer Service (Bell Atlantic Mobile) *228 - program phone.

In both cases, when your cellular service restarts, your phone automatically finds the cell tower with the strongest signal in your current location.

Verizon sells hardware signal boosters to boost the strength of the Verizon signal in your home or other building.

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